Meet Antoinette Healy: A Virtual Ward Success Story

Hear first-hand from Antoinette, a patient under the care of Hertfordshire Community Trust - Monitoring Heart Failure at Home Service. With the support of Doccla’s virtual wards, she received exceptional support at home, feeling empowered to manage her own condition with the reassurance that a nurse was only a ring away. Her experiences are a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Discover her inspiring journey and how virtual care is continuing to make strides in shaping the future of healthcare.

Martin’s story

Hear first-hand from Martin, a patient under the care of Cambridge Community Services, who was referred onto a Doccla virtual ward via the heart failure pathway. As he discovered, the opportunity to be cared for at home, rather than in the hospital, was: “a massive step forward in the recovery programme”.