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Business Live with Ian King

On the NHS's 75th birthday, Tom Breeze, our Chief Commercial Officer, spoke on Business Live with Ian King about the impact Doccla's virtual wards are having across the UK

Sky News July 2023

BBC World Service

In light of the NHS Confederations report on virtual wards, our co-founder Martin Ratz, spoke to BBC World Service to share our view on what is needed to realise the ambitions of virtual wards in the NHS.

BBC June 2023

"When he came home he was back to his old self"

We’re proud to be featured alongside Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, telling the story of 80 year old virtual ward patient Brian Smith.

BBC February 2023

"It was marvellous're happy in your own home."

ITV News shows how our virtual ward and remote monitoring services are helping patients to recover in the comfort and convenience of their own home environment, as well as easing clinical capacity in hospitals.

ITV February 2023

"She's in the best environment for recovery"

Watch Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICB on BBC Points West to see how the Doccla Virtual Ward service is helping to extend care across the Bristol area.

BBC January 2023

"I wanted to be home with my wife"

The NHS has made virtual wards part of its plan to help ease winter pressures on hospitals, with a goal of making 25,000 beds available by the end of next year.

Sky News December 2022

NHS virtual wards available for 10,000 patients by September

The NHS has heralded a “new era” of healthcare that will see hundreds of thousands of patients avoid lengthy hospital stays and instead be treated in their own homes.

28 July 2023

All on board: overcoming legacy attitudes and technology

It can sometimes be easier to effect transformational changes than it might at first appear. But where to start?

18th May 2023

The Digital Health 150: The most promising digital health companies of 2022

The Digital Health 150 is CB Insights' annual ranking of the 150 most promising digital health startups in the world. This year's winning companies include startups working on interoperability and data integration, home care and monitoring, AR/VR in healthcare, hybrid care, and more.

7th December 2022

'Virtual wards' run via smartphone app could see more patients treated at home - and more free hospital beds

The NHS has created virtual wards, run via a smartphone app, as part of its plan to tackle winter pressures and hopes it will make 25,000 beds available by the end of next year.

20th November 2022

Virtual ward startup Doccla gets Series A injection as it eyes AI tools

Doccla, a Sweden founded but London-headquartered health tech startup that sells a remote patient monitoring platform to hospitals to run so-called ‘virtual wards’, has closed a £15 million (~$17M) Series A funding round a year after raising a $3.3M seed.

29th September 2022

Homes turned into ‘virtual hospitals’

After two weeks fighting for his life in hospital, Michael Brain was at first surprised to be prescribed a smartphone. In total Brain spent six weeks on this “virtual ward”, run by his local NHS hospital in partnership with Doccla, a healthcare technology company.

2 July 2022

HSJ Logo
Can the NHS make virtual wards work at scale?

The national direction is clear – virtual wards are to become an increasingly important part of care delivery. But can the NHS successfully scale up such an approach? Report from a recent HSJ webinar.

11 May 2022

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Doccla raises £2.4million investment for virtual hospital wards

Doccla, the healthtech startup pioneering virtual ward technology to ease pressure on hospitals, has secured £2.4m in an oversubscribed seed round, led by Giant Ventures, the leading purpose-driven venture firm, and early-stage technology VC, Speedinvest.

22nd September 2021

How an 'unexpected heart attack' sparked business with £2.4m investment

After suffering a heart attack in 2017, co-founder Martin Ratz realised a gap in the market as many patients could be recovering at home instead of taking up valuable beds in hospitals if they had the right tools and support, revolutionising the future of hospital care.

21st September 2021

Patient monitoring startup Doccla secures $3.3M seed funding for ‘virtual wards’ platform

Doccla, health tech startup with a platform that can monitor patients on hospital wards and in the home, has secured a $3.3 million seed funding round, led by Giant Ventures and Speedinvest.

15th September 2021

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Medtechbolaget gör succé i England – plockar in nytt kapital

Det svenskgrundade medtechbolaget Doccla fick en rejäl skjuts av covid-19. Nu tar bolaget in friskt kapital från två riskkapitaljättar, men det skedde efter viss tvekan. ”Jag är generellt sett skeptisk till bolag som finansieras av riskkapital”, säger bolagets medgrundare Martin Ratz.

15th September 2021

A roundup of healthtech startups you need to watch

This year, we saw a dramatic growth in healthcare technology, digital innovation and telemedicine. Discover some UK-based healthtechs transforming the lives of professionals and patients alike across the UK.

11 August 2021

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The rise of virtual healthcare

Med-Tech Innovation editor Ian Bolland is joined by Dag Larsson from digital health company Doccla to discuss virtual wards, remote patient monitoring and whether this technology will really stick following the COVID-19 pandemic.

28th April 2021

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HSJ Partnership Awards 2021: Local Covid-19 Response Partnership Award

30th June 2021 Logo
Digitisation of the NHS: Are Remote Nursing Models And Virtual Wards The New Normal?

Covid 19 accelerated the demand in the NHS to use technology to solve Healthcare problems. Here’s what a Nurse using Doccla on virtual wards thinks of remote patient care and whether it’s here to stay.

22nd March 2021