Doccla is the result of a very personal experience.

Doccla was founded in 2019 after our founder, Martin, suffered a heartattack at a young age.

His experience of a hospital stay and discharge without any monitoring seemed ridiculous when new technology was available. There was a need for someone to help patients when they need it most using the latest technology to bring them closer to their carers whilst being able to recover safely at home.

Martin, an entrepreneur in European healthcare, subsequently partnered with Dag, who had extensive experience of scaling tech companies. Together with a small team they managed to win their first UK research project for remote patient monitoring.

Doccla Founder Martin

Today we are a large team of dedicated colleagues working across Europe to deliver virtual wards. We have diverse backgrounds but are united in our passion to change how healthcare is delivered for patients today and tomorrow.

With the help of our amazing NHS clients, we deploy a virtual ward service that is proven to reduce costs while improving outcomes and freeing resources.

In order to help the greatest number of patients that we possibly can, we also turn to fantastic support from both a team of advisors and our investors.

To be a European leader in virtual care and research


Patient centred

Empowering patients to achieve better health and wellbeing.

Client focused

Understanding our clients' specific needs and going above and beyond to help them deliver the highest quality service for their patients.

Responsive and
straight to the point

Working quickly as a team to deliver a highly effective service.


Acting with integrity and championing patient safety and the security of personal information.


Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

Professor of physics. Expertise in quantum physics, nanotechnology and nanooptics. Officer of the Order of Australia and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Matthias Wernicke, PhD

Currently director at Merck. Formerly partner with McKinsey & Company, specialising in healthcare. DPhil in Economics, Oxford University.

Henrik Atteryd

Big Data advisor
Head of Data Products & Advanced Analytics at Tele2, Formerly at Teradata and MTG. MSc. Statistics Harvard University.


In contrast to most healthtech start-ups, Doccla has been financially sustainable from the very beginning. However, in 2021 we decided to take on investors. Receiving venture capital funding has allowed us to improve our product and scale our team at an accelerated pace. So we’re able to deliver an improved service to even more patients.

We are privileged to be backed by wonderful people at General Catalyst, Speedinvest, Giant and KHP.

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