July 9, 2024

North Sedgemoor PCN Secures MHF @home Funding

North Sedgemoor PCN receives MHF @home funding, using AI and remote monitoring to support at-risk heart failure patients.

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Innovative AI Monitoring

We are thrilled to announce that North Sedgemoor PCN has been successful in securing Managing Heart Failure @home (MHF @home) funding. North Sedgemoor will use a novel approach to identify patients most at risk of deterioration through a machine learning AI programme, and then proactively support them using remote monitoring, medication optimisation, and personalised care services.

This innovative approach aims to enhance patient outcomes by providing timely and targeted interventions. The insights gained from the MHF @home programme in North Sedgemoor are expected to be invaluable, potentially applicable to other long-term conditions and disease areas. The resulting “playbook” will facilitate the spread of this model across other PCNs in Somerset.

For more information on the Managing Heart Failure @home programme, visit the NHS Managing Heart Failure at Home page.

To learn more about our heart failure initiatives, read Doccla's Heart Failure Case Study.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact this initiative will have on patient care in North Sedgemoor and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates and detailed outcomes from this groundbreaking programme.


Simao Saco

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