Doccla has designed a turnkey Covid-19 Remote Patient Monitoring service.

Doccla has designed a turnkey Covid-19 Remote Patient Monitoring service.

Doccla has developed a service to help NHS acute hospitals deal with the current Covid-19 emergency. The service uses the latest wearable monitors to allow the vital signs of a patient to be viewed remotely, via a web browser, while the patient is isolated at home; this reduces the need for hospital visits, and the associated scope for the spread of the virus, and frees up capacity. In summary, the service operates as follows:

  • The hospital remains entirely responsible for the clinical treatment of the patient. Doccla provides the facilities for the hospital to monitor the patient while they are isolated at home.
  • The hospital presents Doccla with the name and address of the patient. Doccla delivers to the patient’s address all the necessary equipment for the patient to use, including a CE-marked wearable monitor and a preconfigured mobile phone. There is a helpdesk for the patient to call if they need non clinical advice managed by Doccla.
  • The equipment monitors and relays vital signs information from the patient to a secure server, from which it can be viewed by hospital staff via a web-browser.
  • Doccla retains ownership of, and responsibility for, the equipment issued to patients, and deals with all of the associated, procurement, logistics and non-clinical questions from patients.
  • The service requires no integration. Hospital staff simply log-in to the service via a web-browser.

The service has been specifically designed for very rapid implementation with minimum effort by hospital staff. We have a standard contract based on NHS terms and conditions, and a simple on-boarding process. Please contact us directly below or email if there is an opportunity to use the service to support your organisation’s response to the emergency.

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