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We capture what matters,
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We enable patients to engage in clinical trials as it suits them, by delivering the best-in-class monitoring to trial sites, to participation centres in their communities, directly at home or, with a combination of all three.

Why Doccla?


monitored patient days.


of patients rate the service as good or very good


compliance of patients on Doccla RPM.

Empowering patients so your trial gets results


Technology Leaders

We continuously identify, integrate and deploy cutting-edge medical technology so that your trials generate best-in-class data for assessing the efficacy and safety of new medicines



Supported by our own clinical team, we streamline patient enrolment by helping patients understand informed consent and how to participate remotely


Remote patient monitoring

Our study managers continuously monitor data flows to drive compliance and minimise protocol deviations, ensuring your trial gets the results it needs



We integrate with the leading EDCs to guarantee trial data is retained in the database without the need for manual entry or reconciliation


ePRO, eCOA and wearables

We support an ever-growing catalogue of measurement approaches. Our no-code survey builder delivers deployment ready ePROs in seconds


Full asset management

We manage the full product life cycle of the devices in your trial. We procure, deploy, retrieve and recycle devices so you don’t have to



Our world class team go above and beyond to support patients in over 150 languages to deliver the highest patient compliance in the industry



From managing data plans and designing intuitive user interfaces, to supporting community and hybrid trials, we enable patients to engage in clinical research on their terms

See the bigger picture with an intuitive data view

Our platform is secure, compliant and user-friendly, so you can make better decisions, faster

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