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Salary dependent on experience | Hammersmith, London (Hybrid)

Introduction to Doccla

We’re Doccla, the virtual ward company. We provide patients and clinicians with the transformative power of remote patient monitoring. 

Our customers are Hospital Trusts and Community Services that we partner with to deliver virtual wards. With Doccla, patients can have their care stepped up from community services or they can be discharged from a hospital ward to a virtual one. Patients get to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes whilst health services become more efficient. Unsurprisingly, both the number of trusts we work with and the number of patients we support is constantly growing.

Doccla is a young company with big aims and a lot of momentum. We're solving real problems for patients and health systems. And we’re looking for dedicated people with a passion for healthcare to join us.

Role and responsibilities. 

The role of the UK Chief Medical Officer (UK CMO) is to ensure high quality, patient-centered care by leading clinical and quality initiatives. This role includes strategic and management input across Doccla to the management, sales, customer service, and clinical teams. 

In this role you will:

  • Be responsible for clinical processes to ensure that Doccla delivers remote patient monitoring that is safe, high quality, patient-focused, outcomes-based, and cost-effective.
  • Lead Doccla’s UK medical team providing clinical expertise and guidance. 
  • Establish quantifiable metrics in performance to ensure clinical excellence is achieved and maintained. These metrics will also be used for quality and outcome reporting both internally and to customers.
  • Manage clinical quality assurance services including clinical improvement, measurement, and patient safety to ensure Doccla’s external accreditation and compliance with best practice. In addition you will plan, coordinate, and organise our accreditation activities.
  • Contribute to Doccla’s medical strategy and drive the development of Doccla's clinical pathways to keep Doccla at the cutting edge of virtual wards.
  • Represent medical staff viewpoints to management and relay management viewpoints to medical staff.
  • Work with our customers’ CMOs, CEOs, and medical staff to advise them on virtual ward best practice.
  • Work with Doccla’s commercial team to support them in winning new contracts.
  • Lead the training of Doccla’s clinical staff regarding clinical resource management, appropriate document standards, quality issues, and quality improvement activities.
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards and actively support our organisational goals and culture of safety first. 

Whilst the responsibility of the CMO is full time, the duties could be part time. Depending on your profile you could combine this role with other work.


All applicants must be:

  • Be a medical doctor who is board certified and licensed to practise medicine within the UK.
  • Have at least 5 years of relevant clinical experience, for example  in GP, internal medicine, ED, anesthesiology, or intensive care.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of health care professionals and leaders. 
  • Have strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Possess the ability to work in an entrepreneurial environment and lead effectively.
  • Be passionate about how technology can develop improved models of care.
  • Pass the NHS ‘Check’ standard pre-employment checks for medical staff.

Please also share with us if you:

  • Have previous entrepreneurial experience.
  • Have experience with the implementation of health IT systems.
  • Are familiar with all elements of the UK’s medical care delivery systems, including acute and ambulatory care as well as community services.

How we work

We are agile, entrepreneurial, interested in what people contribute rather than their status, and passionate about delighting clients with brilliant service.

We practice hybrid working with offices in London and Stockholm and a team across Europe. 

Most of the team lives in London and works from the Hammersmith office one to three days per week. For your role we hope you will join us at least once or twice a week. To tempt you in, we provide a team lunch most days as well as convivial company and the perks of working from a WeWork.

We have a generous employee equity pool. This means that as the company continues to grow you’ll have a share in its success. 

We also have a very generous benefits package. This includes a monthly budget to spend on Heka, our employee wellness platform. On Heka you can spend this budget on everything from Gusto boxes to massages, climbing lessons to yoga, gym memberships and more.

If this role appeals and you would like to join the team please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your interest in Doccla and in this role to

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