Senior Technical Officer

Senior Technical Officer/Partner, London

We’re looking for a Senior Technical Officer to take a lead on system integration and data management in the short term and product and technology leadership in the long term. You are looking for an opportunity to join a pioneering med-tech company with an important mission. The ideal candidate can start part-time and then move into a full-time role. You have experience in Health Tech and are excited about facing challenges with no straight answer. You are smart, very smart. You are a service-minded problem solver and multi-tasker with a positive mindset and a can-do attitude. You are fun to work with.

You will be one of our first employees and as such we will have very high expectations of you.

You will handle:

• Building/integrating the MVP.

• Defining company-wide security.

• Write specifications and technical compliance documents.

• Take ownership of our hosting and data management.

• Application architecture.

• QA and testing.

• Vendor and customer relationships.

• Hiring engineers, IT professionals, and data scientists.

• Supporting live projects.

To say that you are a full stack developer is an understatement. While you most likely have a background from backend coding, your curiosity of how everything fits together has made you proficient in architecture, data engineering and different frameworks for running front end applications. It does not end there; you know a thing or two about IoT as well. You have enough experience not to try to build everything yourself and you are not afraid of a bit of compliance.

• 5+ years’ experience in technology. You have been part of a team that has built something very impressive, using modern tools and processes.

• You are a good developer and you can identify and recruit other good developers.

• Leadership experience is a plus but not a necessity.

• BSc/BA in computer science, engineering or a related field.

• Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.

• Health Tech experience.

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