Remote Patient Monitoring Nurse

£30,000 to £45,000 | Full Time (40 hours) | Hammersmith, London (Hybrid)

Introduction to Doccla

We’re Doccla, the virtual ward company. We provide patients and clinicians with the transformative power of remote patient monitoring. 

Our customers are Hospital Trusts and Community Services that we partner with to deliver virtual wards. With Doccla, patients can have their care stepped up from community services or they can be discharged from a hospital ward to a virtual one. Patients get to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes whilst health services become more efficient. Unsurprisingly, both the number of trusts we work with and the number of patients we support is constantly growing.

Doccla is a young company with big aims and a lot of momentum. We're solving real problems for patients and health systems. And we’re looking for dedicated people with a passion for healthcare to join us.

Role and responsibilities. 

The remote patient monitoring nurse is a key role in the effective implementation of our virtual ward. The post holder will utilise the web-based Doccla platform to remotely monitor and assess the well-being and treatment programmes of patients. Nurses will then take appropriate action to meet the needs of patients within the virtual ward.

You will work closely with:

  • Patients
  • Clinicians and medical staff from both Doccla and from our customers
  • Doccla’s Customer Service team
  • Registered Manager CQC

In this role you will have clinical responsibilities to:

  • Be responsible for the assessment and monitoring of vital signs and symptom questionnaire responses.
  • Work autonomously and utilise high level clinical decision making skills to ensure accurate assessments of patients.  
  • Develop effective and collaborative working relationships with clients across the NHS, both in the primary and secondary care sectors.
  • Provide remote support to patients in their home environment, ensuring they are safe and their care needs are met.
  • Utilise Doccla care pathways to deliver evidence-based support and advice to patients on the virtual ward.
  • Ensure help is summoned in a patient emergency, by calling 999.
  • Undertake clinical risk assessment to minimise and eliminate risks, and take appropriate action.
  • Refer patients to the relevant professional/clinician dependent on assessed needs.
  • To maintain contemporaneous and accurate patient records.
  • Support and participate in the development of integrated care pathways to enable remote patient monitoring.

As well as educational responsibilities where your role will require you to:

  • Provide education, support and advice to patients on the virtual ward, ensuring their health and well-being is maximised to their optimum potential.
  • Take responsibility for your own professional learning and development in collaboration with your line manager.
  • Maintain compliance with statutory and mandatory training requirements.
  • Be aware of local and national policies, and ensure practice is implemented within these guidelines.
  • Ensure NMC registration is maintained and revalidation requirements are met.

Regarding audit you will be required to:

  • Support and participate in clinical audit.
  • Assist the lead nurse in setting team standards, priorities and objectives.
  • Maintain patient records in line with Doccla’s Records Retention Policy.


All applicants must:

  • Be a band six (or equivalent) nurse who is NMC registered to practise in the UK.
  • Have a minimum of two years experience working in the NHS.

Please also share with us if you:

  • Have prior experience of working with remote patient monitoring or have a demonstrable interest in the subject.
  • Have prior experience of working in an entrepreneurial environment.

How we work

We empower everyone to take ownership and responsibility for the company and their role within it. We act ethically and think of helping patients and protecting their safety first. 

Whatever your role is, to thrive at Doccla, a can-do and action oriented attitude is essential. As is being a clear and open communicator who is receptive to feedback.

We practice hybrid working with offices in London and Stockholm and a team across Europe. 

Most of the team lives in London and works from the Hammersmith office one to three days per week. For your role we hope you will join us at least once or twice a week. To tempt you in, we provide a team lunch most days as well as convivial company and the perks of working from a WeWork.

We value our people. So we always look to progress existing members of the team rather than hire from outside. 

We have a generous employee equity pool that you can be part of. This means that as the company continues to grow you’ll have a share in its success. 

Finally, we also have a very generous benefits package. This includes a monthly budget of £70 to spend on Heka, our employee wellness platform. On Heka you can spend this budget on everything from Gusto boxes to massages, climbing lessons to yoga, gym memberships and more.

If this role appeals and you would like to join the team please send your CV and a cover letter outlining your interest in Doccla and in this role to

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